L'Ondìvago at Radio Alma

Club del Libro asbl - Brussels (BE)
Total Poetry of Turin (IT)
The new wireless program. Waves distances through literature, arts and culture.
A program created by Max Ponte, Pietro Pedone and Daniela Terrile.
Produced by Il Club del Libro of Brussels and Total Poetry of Turin.
Ondivago's proposal is crossing some contemporary literary experiences.
The poetry of this period is part of today reality. Some sonorous clips of
neoavanguardia will be included. An attentive look on contemporary art and on the role of the design and architecture. A powerful wavery exchange in a position of raising unusual attention on works, authors, characters.
Musical incursions in an integraged perspective of arts. …. To control the shipwreck in the aesthetic plancton. http://www.ondivago.blogspot.com/

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